[CSCT-011] Devilish Girl Infinite Shots Edition

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CSCT-011 is a live-action parody based on “Kimetsu No Yaiba”. The given roles are the following:

  • Mitsuki Nagisa: Nezuko.
  • Tanaka Nene: Kanroji Mitsuri.
  • Konno Hikaru: Kochou Kanae.
  • Abeno Miku: Kochou Shinobu.

If you guys remember, it’s Nagisa’s 2nd time as Nezuko after CSCT-002. In the plot, a demon infiltrates the castle and tricks the demon slayers putting them to sleep. When they awake, they are unsure of being in reality or in a dream. The struggles to return Nezuko from her demon form continue.

Loved to see Abeno Miku in the cast, but gotta say Takana Nene totally eats the cake. She was awesome.

The action was nice and there’s a bit of lesbian play too.

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