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[GVG-601] (English subbed) A Sexy PTA Director And A Bad Boy Student Council President – Misaki Honda


Misaki Honda is the sexy PTA director at this school. One day, she noticed that her son is being a victim of bullies. And even more, she notices that those guys belong to the student council, so she goes ahead and scolds them.

The student council guys are pissed off about this scolding, and so, they round up the son once again in the school toilets. They grind him even more for information, and the son ends up revealing that his mom gives indulges him with blowjobs to help him relax.

With this very juicy new information the tables are turned big time, and the student council strikes back!

Misaki Honda is always appreciated and she was truly fantastic in this role.

Date: September 23, 2020
Actress: Honda Misaki

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