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[MIAA-122] (English subbed) My High School Crush Hides Me Under Her Bed While She Gets Fucked By A Guy I Hate! I Feel Shocked And Turned On At The Same Time… Eimi Fukada


Eimi Fukada is this nerdy yet beautiful girl from school who has had this guy crushing on her since forever.

One day, he scores a small victory when she finally invites him to her house to help her study. He sees this as a definitive chance to make a move on her crush.

The sexual tension is absolutely unbearable but unexpectedly, something weird happens. Another guy comes over to the place, and Eimi rushes him to hide under the bed.

Hiding under the bed lurking makes Eimi incredibly excited and so, this setup will get repeated the next day. He comes to discover that Eimi standards are actually extremely low, and with a sad erection on his pants, the eternal cuck question gets raised: Why not me?


Date: November 5, 2022
Actress: Fukada Eimi

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