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[SSNI-850] (English subbed) We Discovered This Skinny Girl, But Now She’s Become A Voluptuous Beauty A CG Collection Of FANZA And Fan Fiction That Became A Hit And Achieved Record-Breaking Downloading Numbers + A Live-Action Manga Adaptation!! Shion Yumi


The story depicts a man who bumps with a very thin girl on the street while returning home from work, he is confused and concerned for her well being so he brings her home and gives her some hot food.

The story is very solid and it follows the original doujin material rather closely, and that’s nice to see.

The characters are = Nana, Ishikawa, and Nana’s Father.

Now, the first Nana is “skinny Nana”, and that girl is Kirishima Amina. Originally uncredited for this movie she is actually a pro JAV actress who starred in a few other minor movies. Here, she acts as an extra and I think she really did well. She fits her role well and brings to life an abused and beaten up Nana that is void of emotions.

The second Nana is the main star of this movie. Shion Yumi. She brings to life chubby Nana. A girl who still has a lot of trust issues and she is scarred, possibly for life. One can see that this Nana underwent a clear evolution but still way too weird and far from normal. Yumi did fantastically in the movie.

Hajime Horiuchi is the main male lead. A very well known male actor and one of the best Japan has to offer. I liked him too for the role. He brings to life Mister Ishikawa, a guy who works a salaryman work with a dream of opening a restaurant someday, as his real talent is cooking.

The last character is the abusive Nana’s Father. An extra male actor that has 2 short scenes to support the story.

As a final note (and without spoiling anything), the finale was rare by JAV standards, but a nice turn of events.

Date: September 19, 2020

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