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[SSNI-889] It’s Been Ten Years Since My Home Room Teacher Took My Virginity And Turned My World Upside-Down. Tsukasa Aoi


Miss Aoi Tsukasa is the pretty homeroom teacher who had an affair with one of the students. It was strictly sexual for her, but for him, Aoi became his full-blown platonic crush.

After graduation, they still had an encounter in a love hotel the next time they met. But 10 years have passed and he can’t get over her teacher. He even got married but he remembers her very fondly.

One day, out of nowhere they see each other in the street, and she suddenly strikes the most beautiful smile at him. He gets completely struck and has to jump out of the car to run after her… after all, he will never get another chance ever again. Manly tears have been shed, lads.

Date: February 5, 2023
Actress: Aoi Tsukasa

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