[SSNI-895] (English subbed) Relaxed Older Step-Sister Doesn’t Wear Panties In Summer! Defenseless Temptation; Amin Nina

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SSNI-895 is all Tabuchi from start to end, he carries Amin Nina in a big way, but that’s probably okay because the end result is very good.

In the story, Tabuchi is this middle-aged guy whose wife divorced him and went away. One Sunday, he is alone at the house doing nothing and he noticed that some new neighbors just moved next door: Amin Nina & boyfriend.

He noticed that Amin is a really hot lady, and things start to go crazy when in a series of incidents he observes that she doesn’t wear any actual underwear. He is convinced that Amin Nina does it on purpose with the ultimate goal to seduce him. But is that really the case? Well, in the movie she explains her reasons and she constantly denies that to be the case, it is hinted that she tells the truth, but it’s also implicit that she is hiding her real motives. The series of denied orgasms that follow also point in this theory.

Anyways, the movie was really good, the sex scenes are really good, and Tabuchi was so inspired. It’s pretty much the best movie from all the Amin Nina catalog too. Great stuff.

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