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[STARS-253] (English subbed) I Won’t Let Lovely Female Announcer Suzu Hate My Hair! I Will Do As I Want With Her At This Aphrodisiac Massage Parlor! Suzu Honjo


Suzu Honjo is a female anchor for a tv show that gets approached by a nerdy-looking fan. The poor guy gets dismissed and humiliated in a bad way. With his anger triggered the guy begins to plot an act of revenge against Suzu.

He eventually manages to brainwash Suzu’s mind and bend her will at his convenience, thus she begins to act in very strange ways. Things get even more awkward when she does those things live on national television.

Suzu’s acting was pretty good. The level of brainwashing escalates during the movie and she managed to pull it off. The video features 5 costumes that looked awesome as-well.

Date: September 26, 2020
Actress: Honjou Suzu

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