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[STARS-270] This Female Detective Came To Save My Loser Ass, But When She Got G*******g Fucked By The Evil Gang, All I Could Do Was Watch With A Rock Hard Erection – Iori Kogawa


Looks like Iori Kogawa is back on the menu boys.

In this video, she is a senior female investigator that kicks serious ass. However, she is tagged along with this loser sidekick and they get captured because of his incompetence.

They are both trapped and tied up by the Yakuza drug dealers. She is getting gangbanged and while watching only he has a minimum chance to help trigger a scape, but he just won’t, because his loser ADN impedes him. Lul.

And yes, it’s an NTR.

Date: September 20, 2020
Actress: Kogawa Iori

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